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Our doctors have state of the art knowledge, ability and discipline for best practice in dental health care delivery services. Our care is value base in approach for routine regular...
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Dental Counseling and Referrals

"Give Your Smile The Best Of Health". We seek for that best concerning your health and well being with Dental Counseling and collaborative Referrals to healthcare experts.
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House Call Doctor

We provide a compassionate Routine or Emergency dental health care visits in the comfort of your home or a healthcare facility for the elderly, disable or one that is of home bound status.
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Rehabilitation and Habilitation Way

Rehabilitation and Habilatitation means are different, yet its approach in collaboration and support work side-by-side. What idiffers between the types of services and treatment can be explain.

Clinical Health News

Molecules in human saliva has potential for wound healing period Salivary peptide histatin-1 aids in wound...

Date: August 7, 2017

Let's Be Proactive

The ways as to an individual's reasons for embracing change in self best interest is what he or she to sees and understands to be right or wrong as to a moment in time and place comes at a crossroad decision making point.

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Your initial visit with us whether it is for routine regular well care or an emergency begins with doing a clinical screening and oral examinations for your known or the detection of any local and systemic diseases.

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Our Treatments and Services are provided in a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere

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Our Treatments and services are provided in a comfortable lorem

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28th Feb, 2018

Some microbiome researchers had suggested that this variation begins with differences in our genes; but a large-scale study challenges this idea and provides evidence that the connection between micro[…]

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Caucasian woman and African-American dentist
8th Nov, 2017

Talking about dental health with children and parents — about what is healthy and unhealthy for your teeth — can be one way to prevent children from developing overweight. This is suggested in a the[…]

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24th Mar, 2017

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), 15 million Americans have crown or bridge replacements and three million have dental implants — with this latter number rising by 500,00[…]

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Our Collaborators and Consultants

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Andrew Payne
Dental Implant Surgeon
Jeffrey John
Restorative Dentistry
Chief Consultant

Our Happy Customers

Just Got To Tell It

Dr. Simmons saw me for an emergency flipper last Saturday at 7:30 pm. My 11 year old daughter had lost them and was out of town. I picked them up the flipper the next morning at 10 am. My daughter had teeth for school. They were a little too long because I didn't have the lower impression. I returned this weekend and he did an excellent job and adjusted them perfectly! Hope not to have to go back anytime soon as flippers are expensive but to have a 24 hour flipper is awesome. I would choose him again! Thanks doc!

Leticia S.
Executive Director

I wrote a review previously for my first visit to Dr. Simmons. He was kind and caring. Unfortunately, during my second emergency visit for another problem, he was late. We agreed to have an appointment time for 7:45 pm. The sign on the door said "yes, we're open!" Yet, no one was to be found. Later, he explained sorry, "but, I am arriving from an emergency house call dental visit". I had expressed my fears of getting a tooth extraction (I have dental phobia) and 6 mos pregnant. I was told due to my anxiety and pregnancy and the possible complication for a third molar extraction, he recommends a referral to an oral surgeon specialist where I could be properly sedated and treated. He wrote me prescriptions for antibiotics and gave me a referral. Thanks doctor for your concern.

Olivia S.
Computer Programmer

I have been a patient of Dr. Simmons for years. I have received nothing short of great service and care from the assistants and office personnel. They make you feel comfortable and at ease while being assuring and professional in coming to the dentist which for me a not so pleasant situation. He was not only concern about my tooth problem but my overall body health. I highly recommend Dr. Simmons.

Shay T.
Banking Supervisor

I have had the same crown and bridge that Dr. Simmons made for me nearly 25 years ago. He does excellent work and has an understanding knowledge of alternative health foods and supplements. I diligently keep my scheduled recall visit for examination and prophylaxis with his office.

Cheryl M.
Insurance Agent