Network Vision

Our vision as doctors of General and Emergency Dentistry at 24 Hour Dentist® is to care for the entire family. We being highly experienced practitioners actively seek to bridge the gap in excellence for patient health care and the means by which delivered services and products is that of quality patient care. We believe the patient should not only get the comfort of compassion, but what they pay for, "Satisfaction". Our use of telemedicine services other than for regular patient care increases access to emergency care in time and distance.

Our purpose is to not merely do because we can be innovative in our motives to progressively improve the delivery of patient health care. We are mindful of our network ideas in developing and delivering healthcare in the online marketplace and its effect. We believe patients’ diagnosis and treatment should be comprehensive in protocol and whole which may also be at times alternative in care and medicine.

The worldwide network is power and an informed user source. We shall be proactive and collaborative with other healthcare providers as to the many ways of seeing the patient's need for immediate care, prevention, and the cause for rehabilitation in maintaining their state of healthiness and wellness.

It’s “What’s best for you the patient, “We want you well.”


Join The Team

Are you a practicing Dentist with flexible hours and a staff that is ready to treat those untimely dental emergencies in your local area? JOIN US and be a part to 24/7/365 access to Board Certified Dentist and Healthcare Provider. If you are interested in a non binding commitment. Please let us know by submitting the requested information below or just email us your comment.

Filling out the form gives us consent to first notify your office of an emergency request in your local area community. It is by your independent choice only to be of service in accepting a referral or consultation at the present time from 24 Hour Dentist®.

You the doctor or your office may further request to join the team network by completing the form below. Your information is HIPAA Compliant and Encrypted for security. We may ask you to join by mailed letter, e-mail or give you a formal call. Not interested, just opt-out a reply by e-mail or call 1-800-476-8416. Thank you.