Whole Natural Way

The Lord created medicine out of the earth, and a sensible person will not refuse them which leaves room for the skilled practitioner. He has created him, and he must not desert you the patient, for you need him to effect a cure and restore you to health. The stomach will eat any food, yet one food is better than another. Healing comes from the Most High, and the skills of the physician exalts him. And, he has given Men knowledge so that he might glorified for his wonderful works. With them he comes and takes away pain. the druggist makes a mixture for them and his works will never end. Every undertaking begins with reason, and consideration precedes every work. Four parts appear, good and bad, life and death to direct your way in truth. Nothing is new under the heavens and earth, the words said are from thoughts of old.

Therefore, did you know what's natural whether organic or inorganic from the earth can not be patented? Like a fruit from a corn plants baring seeds was a natural seed from and to the earth has been genetically modified (GMO) among others. It is done in same to many so drugs and prescription medication can be invented and patented for ownership by manufactures for profit. Yet, what's being created are man made unnatural chemical compounds masking as medicine for which the body may recognize as a toxin. Knowing these added facts will eventually add up to what you should think. let's consider what makes us different. We are a company with strong beliefs in first looking for that which is to be of the whole and natural. We are a composed group of advocates, researchers and practitioners dedicated to the health and wellness of others, our customers and patients. This effort is done by giving and sharing of our knowledge for the benefits in one's personal solution goals. It is of our Artison commitment to the customer when in discussion about a product. It's safety and quality of content for use by a customer our concern, and not just making a sale. We stay in compliance with the guidance of the FDA and DSHEA federal law. By doing this, we provide for an understanding of the manufactures products content labeling and information brochures. Also, personal testimony by others in achieving their desired fitness or wellness goals. There is no easy shortcuts, insignificant steps or quicken to fix pills. Yet, it is the customer who eventually determines satisfaction of products. Either it be for a present health issue concerns or that to help in prevention for wellness in the future, food nutrients, supplements and herbs offers options for personal solution goals. As said by Hippocrates, the "father of medicine" milliner years ago, "Nature is the physician of man." Best Advice, be a safe and informed customer or patient.

We Want You Well