Too-Tee Learning

Too-Tee™ Learning

"We Want You Well"™

Too-Tee Learning is proactive education to real life's ways for practicing the Tooth Fairy Tradition. It has a more purposeful meaning and use for the imagination to children's creative ideas. The first moment enthusiasm and excitement from the experience should also be resourceful information and knowledge for children to live life well and healthy. The same should apply to the whole family unit which is an added value for childhood to adulthood growth and development. The process should incorporate and encourage dental education, the establishment of good oral health habits and more for which Too-Tee was made as a creative educational design material. The expectation and reinforcement importance to the gifting of money during a baby's lost of teeth experience makes it no more authentic.

Yet, it is a most special time and event for the child and parents. Between the ages of 5-7 starts the lost of a baby first tooth and the beginning eruption of adult permanent teeth. See Tooth Development Chart. They are the hardest and most mineral substance of Enamel and Dentin in the body. It is all about the true value of knowing the cause and the effect for bad and poor oral health. The Mouth is a mirror image to the inner body of you. The correct brushing and flossing techniques, safety and protection and being informed to know that, "You are what you eat", refine sugar, saturated fats, salts and its preservatives, eating portions sizes are foreseen in its effect on the oral cavity teeth, the body frame and its organs system health. The Too-Te Learning Educational products are coming soon. PREVENTION is an antidote to abating unsustainable Health cost. Repair and restore is problematic and is now lacking an uneventful future for Good health . Please leave your e-mail for feedbacks and for products future updates. .

"Give your smile the best of health and wellness. You look your better self when you do. It mirrors happiness and laughter, a merry medicine for the whole body temple. Let it be said of you™."

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