Sextet Oral Screening

Sextet Screening

Six Steps to a through Oral cancer Screening
  • Tongue and Gauze
    Examining for hard spots and lesions on borders, base.
  • Lip and Cheek Roll
    Feeling for lumps or a thickening and sores
  • Neck Cares
    palpating for enlarged or hard / firm lymph nodes
  • Palate Tickle
    Checking for abnormalities on the hard and soft palate
  • Double Digit Probe
    Probing the floor of mouth for hard spots
  • Tonsil Aaaah
    Looking for bilateral symmetry and color changes
One American dies every hour of every day from oral cancer...but oral cancer is very survivable with early detection. Avoid known risk factors like tobacco and alcohol-and ask your dental team for an annual Sextet "Six Steps" Screening.