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The voice of opinions whether in conversations or by communication documents comes from all disciplines of patient health care which involves both services and products delivery. Your concerns comes first in those Matters about you the patient. The clinicians and technical experts gives primary consideration is same from the minimum to that which may be major for a definitive diagnosis and treatment of proper patients' care. The viewing of all doctors is a coming voluntary posting by consent to name, specialty and website.

James H. Harris, D.D.S., MS
G & H Orthodontics
Elisha J. Greenfield, D.D.S., MS
G & H Orthodontics
Dr. Ejaz Tahir, D.D.S. , MS
Dr. Gibson Johnson, Jr., DDS
Oral Diagnostic Sciences and Radiology
Dr. James O. Lowry, MD,Anti Aging
East-West Medicine, Alternative medicine
Dr. Henry A. Moses, PhD
Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Emeritus
Dr. Long Huynh, L.Ac. MSOM
Chinese and Alternative Medicine
Dr. Robert C. Bosack, DDS
Dental Implant and Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr. Terry R. Selman, DDS
General and Family Dentistry
Dr. Robert N. Simmons, DDS,General and Emergency Dentistry
Food Nutrients and Herbal Alternative Medicine
Dr. Dominic Lascola, DC,Chiropractor
Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation
Sara Gillie, RD, MS
Food and Nutrition