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We at 24 Hour Dentist® are practitioners of general and emergency dentistry 24•7, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The doctor and staff are please for the opportunity to serve. We are here for the time when one needs relief now. If It hurts, Hurts and it hurts! Why Suffer? We want you to be in comfort until you can recare with your primary dentist or physician for collaborative and referral care. The hospital emergency doctor can care by prescribing medication, such as pain killers for your complaint but can not do anything more. You need an Emergency Dentist to treat by diagnosis of the chief complaint for relief and whole body healing. It is now needs for more than a "brick and mortor office". Today's reality challenges the emergency acute and chronic traditional protocols envolving the status of a condition and distance. Our Virtual Care Network, telehealth, telemedicine services increases access to care, reduce cost of care and assure the quality of care.

We humble ourselves as professionals in making your dental emergency and follow-up care experience a pleasant one. We are committed to the highest quality of oral care in the most gentle, efficient, and enthusiastic manner. We see you leaving our care with a cheerful smile and in laughter which is a great medicine for whole body wellness.

We advocate whole healing that is wellness of the inner and outer whole body templex. Our practice of traditional general dentistry and emergency dental care is the primary focus and broad scope to approaching individual comprehensive and preventive care. The doctor-patient relationship is of the utmost in trust for us and it is no different in your choice of a medical professional. It is your privacy and confidence that we value.

"We Are Here When You Need Us. We Want You Well."