My Time Visit

My Time Visit



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Option # 1

An After Hour Emergency-My Time Visit™ To A 24 Hour Dentist® :

$90.00 DOLLARS


Option # 2

A Regular Hour Emergency- My Time Visit™ To A 24 Hour Dentist®

$60.00 DOLLARS


Option # 3

A Routine Hour Non-Emergency And Scheduled My Time Visit To A 24 Hour Dentist®:

$40.00 DOLLARS


Option # 4

A Walk-In Emergency Visit With No Prior Scheduled My Time Visit™ Or A Dentist Office Visit For Diagnostic Screening To An Acute Chief Complaint Which By Protocol Prescribe A Supplemental Treatment And The Advise For Follow-Up Care Or A Referral Collaboration To A Primary Care Dentist, Healthcare Provider Of Choice By A 24 Hour Dentist®:

$120.00 DOLLARS


Option # 5

A Live Doctor virtual e-visit ONLINE by Telemedicine channel ( VIDEO MESSAGE, TEL-TALK, CHAT, TEXT ) consultation for a focus Chief Complaint evaluation base on the past and active current health history.. This includes the medical and dental information history given by patient for the identity ID NOW SYSTEM VERIFICATION. The actual Diagnosis and Treatment protocal may require an immediate collaborative referral to the nearest EMS at a hospital or palative prescribe treatment for signs and symptoms and the advise of corrective treatment follow-up visit with a 24 hour dentist®, primary care dentist, healthcare provider or specialist.

$115.00 DOLLARS


Option # 6

A mobile Dentist visit by the House Call Doctor to a Patient Care Facility or Comfort At Home. Also, a scheduled visit to be seen by the Emergency Dentist for a chief complaint. Please call first to confirm an appointment.The protocol envolves consultation for a service or product which envolves the medical and dental history, current prescription history, physical and oral examination as there relates to the complaint by questionaire. Treatment can be palative for the signs and systoms with further definitive diagnosis and treatment follow-up at a dental office or the need for EMS at the nearest hospital. It either and may actually indicate prescription medication and the advised follow-up care with the patient dentist. The patient well being is of utmost concern for referral to a primary dentist, healthcare provider or specialist.

$240.00 DOLLARS