Emergency Dentist

Caring For Whole Body Wellness

We are Emergency Dentist, and 1 of 800 dentist collaborating in a practice fusion care 360 that is around the clock 24/ 7 days a week service to treat primarily the symptoms of pain, bleeding and swelling.

Yet, our primary focus is whole body health and wellness with an approach that is preventive and comprehensive. We do most Same Day prosthetic repairs to spare you of an embarrassing smile.

Once your emergency care has been provided and any necessary follow-up care. We advise total recare by your primary care physican and dentist. You can return to your regular dentist or one of choice. Patient information and necessary x-rays is available to your dentist upon written request and consent from you.

In the spirit of professional Cooperation and in the best interest of your emergency concern, please seek the nearest hospital for emergency care.