Let’s Be Proactive

Let's Be Proactive

What's in your house or sandbox ?

The ways as to an individual's reasons for embracing change in self best interest is what he or she sees and understands to be right or wrong as to a moment in time and place comes at a crossroad decision making point. Yet instead, it is also important to realize the tendencies to alternate back and forth between embracing and resisting change because they are not altogether perceived healthy solutions for key goals that would maintain and support life's enjoyment. We are gradually shutting our human behavior minds' that is made of billions of cells down from the state of plum grapes to that of raisins. We are most willingly and knowingly in ignorance delegating control of our self monitoring lifestyle habits to a source with different motives of the AI and Technology agenda for eventual simply dummies, having limited alternatives. It has now come to a point of change, " Use It Or Loose It". One must be mindful of the mass media motives of all types. The consumer promotions and advertising is from deep and subtle algorithm causing an effect to be anxious for nothing. It functions and promotes between the gaps where there is found sources of deceptions in Truth and Advertising.

Does this sound familiar ?

Documentations for proof there of in the hands of the consumer is becoming less. A hard copy paper form in black and white is always best from Patient Health records to Rx prescription directions.. Even if stored personally in electronic form, it can become corrupted or deleted. The paper form properly stored is a better form of a safety net. Set yourself to the need for a back track transition to healthy self prepared methods in foods selection and preparation. Today, its about consumption as to what the individual body or family eats to sustain life and uses for physical activity, whether it's means natural or either supernatural. The portion and serving size in quantity, of quality and in the makeup of the ingredient content matters. This should to the utmost apply to food, water, air and the living environment. When placed in a true just balance, it would need for less need or the elimination of medicine. We become what we think and do. Progress seeks the need for profits and success with the eventual reality of unavoidable signs and symptoms of lack and poverty. The results shows us being less healthier with on going advancements in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. It is not cost effective and it is leading to an unsustainable dead end lifestyle. Be proactive in knowing your stage and status of life.

Get off to a Great Start Beginning With Knowing Your Health Status

The paths for your life style journey in being well may meet at a junction for a doctor's prescription medication. Here is establish the main gestures of a Doctor and Patient relationship of confidence and trust. The enjoyment status of being in good health is the benefit that matters until the end while living a long life. You are should know the financial and medical cost of taking your Medication by reading for understanding the most important attach paper documents Personal Prescription Information which comes attached to your prescription medication package. Your same diligence action should also apply to reading the Foods and Supplements products container packaging labels.

Did you know ?

  • You should routinely monitor your vital body signs such as your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • You should know the procedures for performing basic rescue support  CPR ( cardio pulmonary resuscitation ) for saving a baby, child or and adults life.
  • You should be able to read and understand the printed numbers, symbols and named words meaning as to how it applies to the descriptive content of food or supplement product package label.
  • You should have a plan written Preventive Care Reminder that may include all the routine to an annual  checkup (a physical and wellness exam, health screenings, tests and vaccinations) and setting personal goals for doing a regular activity of fitness exercise.
  •  You should know by name and body senses the prescription medication being taken by you and your family, especially a child, an elderly or one that is of a related cognition.
  • You should be able to read for understanding medication packing information, It is said, " People are destroyed for lack of knowledge". Other wise, people are allowing the lack of knowledge to effect their time living span and a life of good health.
  • If you accidentally use a medication or a substance not meant for you, call the Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222 or call 911. Keep these numbers handy in case of an emergency.

Pharmacy and Medication Tips

A prescription is an instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be provided a medicine or treatment. The pharmacist under a doctor’s direction fills the prescription and sells the medications. Your pharmacist should counsel you on how to use your medication. You should use only one pharmacy to fill your medication prescriptions. Also, it would as well apply to OTC (over the counter) non- prescription drugs. That way, you will have a single and complete source for all of your medications. It also reduces risk and increases the pharmacist potential to more likely pick up interactions among
medication and to collaborate with your doctor if needed.

Filling your prescription at the pharmacy

Make sure you take the time to be informed and aware by reading the papers attach to your prescription package,Your Personal Prescription Information. See the following:


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