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Screening and Assessment

The mouth mirrors the whole body templex. As a member of the body, it provides local and systemic signs and symptoms which may relate to a dental diagnosis. It provides insight to the doctor, a physician or dentist many things about ones wellness and general health. The dental Emergency Dentist at 24 Hour Dentist® is for one who needs it the most for pain, bleeding, swelling and for that broken tooth or dental prosthetic appliance. For proper diagnosis and treatment, no definitive treatment decision is made by the dentist or the patient until you are first comfortable and out of pain. The dental x-ray serves many purpose and may be necessary.

The medical-dental history, x-rays and what is seen clinically in the mouth helps to determine your diagnosis and treatment options. We may proceed with treatment or refer you to your primary care dentist which may at times involve your physician or going immediately to the hospital emergency room triage. When you have a disabling emergency, please call EMS or 911 for help. We welcome protocol and with proper treatment and needed prescription medication, you can return to your primary care dentist, seek a second opinion or use the services of a dentist that is of convience in your area. We hope after your emergency visit with a network 24 Hour Dentist® that you would remain with us for your regular primary care dentist comprehensive whole body care.

Many of the FAQ (frequently ask questions) that relates to your emergency can be answered by an online office consult evaluation with the emergency dentist. This requires your online or office registration and a health history record. A consultation or comprehensive oral evaluation is done at the dentist office.Being not a patient or a patient of record, please read the important message about  Appoint Now Policy and RefundWith the ever changing advent of information technology and social multi-media, its innovative use in Apps, Skype online, Face time,  mobile video devices, phone messaging and other imaging devices is now happening for you to Ask Doc.

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