Appointment Now

Appointment Now

Scheduled appointment time is a valued my time visit™

If you are not sure of your emergency or need more time to make a decision. Please do not schedule a My Time Visit™ appointment. Your schedule My Time Visit™ belongs to you. We are here to help with your emergency and regular schedule care. Their is no pressure from us. The making of an appointment is at your option and may be agreed to at the time of your call. As a matter of courtesy, you are welcome to call back. Please phone first before you make an Emergency Walk-In Visit . The visit fee is determine by our office hours, either during regular or after hours.

Policy And Refund

A scheduled My Time Visit™ requires a fee at time of your confirmed scheduled appointment. Broken or missed appointment visit time, prank scheduled calls can be disruptive to timely patient care. We will ask that you provide a verifiable major credit or debit or card for online payments. We value your trust. Please read Card payment policy. Make No Payment online until after you have spoken to a scheduling personnel at the Dental Office. The Patient or Responsible party will be responsible for a broken appointment visit fee and not your insurance carrier. It is not a bill able or reimbursable service and there is not a dental CPT code for such. This my visit time fee is due and paid at our secure online office Portal. An Office hour visit or a Walk-in visit requires a my time visit fee due for your Chief Complaint Evaluation and for your online consent form Registration. We respect the privacy of your personal identity. For our Online Dentist Office, we must identify the registrant and patient as to who are you by our secure IDnow Process. Monday-Friday Regular Office Hours not to include holidays a $60.00 dollar fee. Saturday-Sunday( week-ends) , week days After Office Hours and holidays a $90.00 dollar fee. Walk-in visit with no appointment a $120.00 dollar fee. Routine Office Hours Monday-Friday non-emergency scheduled visit a $40.00 dollar fee.


You are informed. A 30-minute Grace Period is allowed after the scheduled My Time Visit™ appointment. This fee is non-refund able. It is agreed to by both the Patient or Responsible Party with the Emergency Dentist to a consent in understanding the scheduled visit time fee. The scheduled visit time fee is due from the Patient or Responsible Party who actually kept a scheduled appointment visit time for service but decided to opt out for treatment or had no service. The scheduled visit time fee may be honored or credited to the total fee due for services which include a visit fee for those who decided on service. A late notice more than one hour constitutes a miss or broken appointment book scheduled visit time. A phone call made less than one hour before a scheduled My Visit Time™ appointment may be reschedule later at a one time limit, no additional charge and with no fee refund by 24 Hour Dentist.